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Being a nice person is so fun

Waiter messes something up? You can see the relief on their faces when you don’t scream and swear at them about it

Extra tickets at an arcade/prize place? Watch a little kid’s face light up when you give them a bunch of tickets

There are too many assholes in this world. Be a nice person.

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Whenever people call their boyfriend or girlfriend bae I just





I’m sobbi nG

Im dead ahahaha

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"no homo" says the boy cuddling next to you.  You figure he means he isn’t homosexual.  It never grazed your mind he may be stating he isn’t a homosapien.  That was a very big mistake on your part.


Talk about your Harry Potter/Hogwarts life with me please and all the shenanigans we could get into while we’re there and what classes we would take and be good/bad at help each other out with despite us probably being in different houses I will draw all of the scenarios if you talk about these things with me they’re important

I would be patrolling the halls and studying in the library/Ravenclaw common room… I would also probably help the younger students out as much as possible. I love kids… I would sometimes go sit by the lake with my friends from all houses and goof off… My best class would be charms and probably history of magic (I know, weird!). My worst subjects would be arithmancy and and divination. On the weekends, I would roam the streets of Hogsmeade and drink butterbeer and buy all the candy from Honeydukes…


Says the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming.










This hurt my heart


That sprite remix tho..



I tried so hard to find that damn purple ketchup again.

the gas prices make me want to punch babies


Pulled a layer of ice off a leaf


Pulled a layer of ice off a leaf


Don’t tell me Snow doesn’t notice the stolen glances between the two of them. I know she wanted Emma to go with Neal because she mistakenly believes that first love is always true love. In her experience it is. And she’s let that color her perceptions when it comes to her daughter. But look at Snow here. Look at her put the pieces together as Emma watches Killian. She thought it was one sided. That Killian was just a scoundrel wanting to flirt with her daughter and get a rise out of her. But here, Snow gets to see that Emma is as much attracted to him as he is to her. She’s seen that look on Emma’s face before. Seen it on Charming a million times over when she catches him watching her. This is why when Emma admits that she kissed Killian that Snow immediately asks in a sort of sing-song voice if it meant anything. She’s trying to gauge whatever this is budding between her Princess and the Pirate. Emma throws her off by blowing off the question but it affected her more than she lets Mama Snow know. And then Neal was suddenly back so they focused on saving him being heroes and for a moment Snow thought maybe Killian was just a distraction for Emma because she was grieving at the time. So she did what she thought her daughter needed and pushed her towards Neal. It didn’t work. Emma never really showed up to that meeting at Granny’s she was going to just to talk to Neal but then the shadow and Pan. 

What’s interesting is the way Snow kinda smirks before looking at Emma. She finds Charming wrangling the pirate amusing but then she  sees her daughter blatantly eyefucking the pirate and she grows serious. She doesn’t know about the connection they made on the beanstalk and why when he left them in Rumple’s cell that he sounded more hurt than cruel. We don’t even have to mention that a 300yo pirate was bested in a swordfight with a novice at Nostos. Snow can believe in her babygirl all she wants but there was no way if Killian had wanted to fight her for real that she would have survived it. 

This moment is when Snow begins to see their connection. She lets the whole Neal business cloud that for a while until S3B where she sees Killian, actively at Emma’s side doing the hero schtick without batting an eyelash. I think we’re going to be pleasantly surprised by Mama Snow in S4. She’ll want to see if Emma’s happy for sure. But we have to remember that she doesn’t really know or understand her daughter. They have had some similarities sure but they are entirely two different people. I hope that we get glimpses of happiness for Emma when it comes to Killian, and that Snow can see it because it’ll allow her to understand that Neal and Emma were not true love because you don’t just move on from that. With Neal’s death and the closure Emma got beforehand it allows her to (if she’s ready) open up to Killian romantically. A&E have already said that David and MM are going to be completely supportive of Emma finding happiness with Killian. Killian’s more than earned their trust and proved that he loves their daughter. I for one am so here for that.




Ending? Haha what was wrong with the ending? Scott and Kira made out and had a very nice, peaceful night together. The mccalls and stilinskis overcame their money problems and saved Chris Argent from the sewer, with the help of parrish. Stiles made the winning lacrosse goal after a successful pass by Liam, while Lydia cheered proudly from the stands. Derek and Braden made out and Lydia got a ton of screentime. Peter decided to become a competent father to Malia and helped her find her mother out of the goodness of his heart. Isaac, Allison, Erica, and Boyd came back from vacation in France, and brought Danny with them. Kate fell off a very tall building.
What was wrong with the ending?


What do you mean that’s not what happened? lol

What matters is the part we choose to act on. That’s who we really are.

I remember reading this quote in the book for the first time… I really think it made a big impact on me growing up.

Look at how Charming hesitates before he kisses his daughter. Despite everything they have been through in the past year he is still terrified that he will scare her off. He turns his head towards the bedroom as if to say “Snow, come here, Emma needs comforting,” but then he remembers his wife is busy and he can’t bare to see his baby in pain any longer so he just goes for it. He probably expects Emma to pull away, but instead she leans into him, because in that moment that kiss is the most comforting thing she has ever felt